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Wedding Veils Guide: Veils & hairstyles to complement your bridal gown

Your wedding day is a celebration of love, and every detail, from the gown to the accessories, plays a crucial role in creating the perfect look. For brides embracing the minimalistic look, the choice of a bridal veil becomes a defining element in achieving an effortlessly chic and timeless appearance. In this guide, we'll explore the various types and lengths of bridal veils, veil trimmings, and even hairstyles to help you select the perfect one to complement your minimal or dramatic wedding gown.

Hair Styles

Before you even begin to think about your veil, you probably have thought about what kind of hairstyle you'd like to sport for your big day, to complement your wedding gown. If you have an idea already, then you're ready to move on to the next step. If you're not there yet, check out some classic wedding hairstyles that always pair well with a veil.

Wedding Veils 101 | Bone and Grey Bridal Wedding Veils 101 | Bone and Grey Bridal Wedding Veils 101 | Bone and Grey Bridal Wedding Veils 101 | Bone and Grey Bridal

Veil Layering

Veils can also have different types of layers/ tiers. The number of tiers means how many layers the veil will have. The more layers/ tiers, the more voluminous it will look!

For example, if you want to cover your face with the veil/ have a blusher, look for a veil that has 2 tiers or more, as the top layer of your veil will be used to cover the face. You can also find veils that specifically mention having a blusher, like our Maeve Floral veil, which means that there is a portion of the veil specifically for covering the face.

What is a blusher? In the bridal world, a blusher is the layer of veil that goes over your face.

If you’re aiming for a simple minimal veil look, either to complement a more dramatic gown or you're just a minimalist gal, a one-tier veil is the way to go. 

Veil Lengths

Here's an overview of all the different veil lengths, which you don't really need to know the specifics as the lengths will differ based on your height anyways. There are tons of these graphics on the internet but we've compiled it all in this comprehensive guide for you. The length is an estimation of the type of veil you'll likely go for, but the specific measurements may vary from brand to brand. If you already know the veil length you'd like, just scroll directly to the section to see what hairstyle suits the veil best!

Wedding Veils Types and Lengths | Bone and Grey Bridal Wedding Veils Types and Lengths | Bone and Grey Bridal

  1. The Birdcage Veil | Hairstyle - Short and Sassy: Ideal for brides seeking a contemporary and minimalist look, the birdcage veil is a short and stylish option that adds a touch of vintage charm. This veil typically falls above the shoulders, framing the face delicately. It pairs exceptionally well with sleek, modern gowns, offering a hint of whimsy without overpowering the simplicity of your dress. With its short and sassy demeanor, this type of veil demands a hairstyle that complements its modern charm. Consider opting for a chic bob, a sleek pixie cut, or a stylish up-do. These hairstyles allow the birdcage veil to take center stage, framing your face and highlighting your features with a touch of vintage glamour.
    Wedding Veils Types and Lengths | Bone and Grey Bridal Wedding Veils Types and Lengths | Bone and Grey Bridal
    (Photos from Pinterest)
  2. The Blusher Veil | Hairstyle - Soft and Romantic: A blusher veil is a single-layer veil that falls over the face and is usually worn shorter than the main veil. This classic and timeless choice is perfect for minimalist brides who desire an elegant and understated look. A blusher veil pairs effortlessly with clean lines and simple silhouettes, enhancing the overall sophistication of your bridal ensemble. Because it delicately covers the face, this veil calls for a hairstyle that exudes softness and romance. Loose curls, a low chignon (low bun), or a half-up, half-down hairstyle works wonders with a blusher veil.

    Try our Isabelle Floral Veil at fingertip length with your minimal gown to add depth and femininity.
    Wedding Veils Types and Lengths | Bone and Grey Bridal

  3. The Shoulder-Length Veil | Hairstyle -  Casual Chic: Perfect for the laid-back bride, the shoulder-length veil exudes a casual yet chic vibe. This style falls gently at or above the shoulders, creating an effortlessly elegant look. It pairs well with loose curls, a tousled updo, or a classic half-up, half-down hairstyle. This length is versatile and suits a variety of wedding dress styles, from bohemian to modern.

    Go large with our Nancy Bow Veil or minimal with our Judy Satin Bow Veil. Both are versatile in pairing with not just gowns but also pantsuits.
    Nancy Bow Veil | Bone and Grey Bridal Accessories Judy Satin Bow Veil | Bone and Grey Bridal Accessories

  4. The Elbow-Length Veil | Hairstyle - Graceful Simplicity: For brides seeking a veil that adds a touch of grace without overwhelming the gown, the elbow-length veil is an excellent choice. Falling to the bride's elbows, this veil complements minimalist gowns by adding a subtle, refined detail. It works particularly well with A-line or sheath dresses, creating a seamless and harmonious bridal look. Consider a sleek ponytail, a classic bun, or soft waves. These understated yet elegant styles allow the veil to flow seamlessly, enhancing the overall charm of your minimalist bridal look.

    We love our 2-layer Alice Tulle Veil which the top layer can be used as a blusher, perfect for a city hall elopement!

  5. The Fingertip-Length Veil: | Hairstyle - Modern Elegance: For a modern and elegant touch, consider the fingertip-length veil. This style reaches the bride's fingertips when her arms are extended, providing an elongating effect. This veil is versatile and suits a variety of dress styles. So if you're going for a minimal gown, you can afford to try out more complex veils, maybe with lace or embroidery. Its length adds a sense of drama without sacrificing the simplicity that defines a minimalist aesthetic.

    Let our Penelope Floral Embroidered Fingertip Veil add glamour and complexity to your minimal gown silhouette.
    Penelope Embroidered Veil | Bone and Grey Bridal Accessories

  6. The Knee-Length Veil | Hairstyle - Vintage Charm: For a touch of vintage charm, consider the knee-length veil. Falling to the knees, this style adds a playful and retro feel to your bridal ensemble. To complement this length, hairstyles like finger waves, a low bun, or a vintage-inspired up-do work wonders, creating a harmonious and timeless look.
    Wedding Veils Types and Lengths | Bone and Grey Bridal
    (Photo from Pinterest)

  7. The Waltz/ Ballet Length Veil | Hairstyle - Graceful Movement: Named for its association with the fluidity of dance, the waltz or ballet-length veil falls somewhere between knee and floor length. This style offers graceful movement without the drama of a longer veil. To complement the flowing nature of this veil, opt for a loose up-do, a braided crown, or soft waves, allowing your hair to move with the veil for a romantic and ethereal effect.
    Wedding Veils Types and Lengths | Bone and Grey Bridal
    (Photo from Pinterest)

  8. The Floor Length Veil | Hairstyle - Timeless Elegance: The floor-length veil is a classic choice that adds timeless elegance to any bridal look. Whether your dress is sleek and modern or romantic and traditional, this veil length complements a range of styles. Pair it with a sophisticated up-do, a sleek ponytail, or cascading curls to achieve a polished and refined appearance.

    If you are going for a more dramatic gown, opt for our simple one-layer Iris Tulle Veil that will create the flow you want without taking attention away from your whole ensemble. Iris is available in both Floor (200cm) and Cathedral length (300cm).
    Iris Tulle Veil | Bone and Grey Bridal Accessories

  9. The Chapel-Length Veil | Hairstyle - Effortless Romance: For brides envisioning a longer veil with a romantic feel, the chapel-length veil is an ideal choice. This veil gracefully flows to the floor, creating a soft and dreamy effect. Despite its length, the chapel veil can still complement minimalist gowns, especially those with subtle detailing or a streamlined silhouette, adding a touch of romance without overpowering the overall look. To complement this majestic veil, opt for voluminous hairstyles such as loose waves, a romantic up-do, or even a bohemian-inspired braid. These styles add a touch of whimsy and create a captivating effect as you make your way down the aisle.

    Elevate your bridal look with our Irene Pearl Veil, double-layered and ready to make an entrance.
    Irene Pearl Veil | Bone and Grey Bridal Accessories

  10. The Cathedral-Length Veil | Hairstyle - Dramatic Grandeur: For brides seeking a touch of drama, the cathedral-length veil is the epitome of grandeur. Extending beyond the train of your gown, this veil creates a breathtaking visual impact. To balance the drama, opt for a hairstyle that is equally stunning, such as an elaborate updo, intricate braids, or glamorous Hollywood waves.

    The most dramatic veil we have - The Amelia Frilly Veil. No introductions needed and one of our favourites in the collection. Comes double-layered which can be used as a blusher as well.
    Amelia Frilly Veil | Bone and Grey Bridal AccessoriesAmelia Frilly Veil | Bone and Grey Bridal Accessories

  11. The Royal-Length Veil | Hairstyle - Regal Opulence: Reserved for the bride who dreams of a fairytale entrance, the royal-length veil extends even further than the cathedral veil, creating a regal and opulent look. To complement this majestic length, choose a hairstyle that commands attention, such as a voluminous up-do, a cascading waterfall braid, or luxurious curls fit for a queen. You can also consider a crown to complement the veil and your hairstyle.
    Wedding Veils Types and Lengths | Bone and Grey Bridal Wedding Veils Types and Lengths | Bone and Grey Bridal
    (Photos from Pinterest)

Choosing a veil to complement your minimalist (or not) bridal gown:

When selecting a veil for your minimalist wedding gown, it's essential to consider the silhouette, neckline, and overall style of your dress. The goal is to enhance, not overpower, the simplicity of your gown. Here are a few tips:

  • Match the Lines: If your gown has clean lines and a sleek silhouette, opt for a shorter veil like the birdcage or blusher to maintain a cohesive look.
  • Consider Length: For floor-length gowns, veils that fall below the waist, such as fingertip or chapel-length veils, work well. Shorter dresses pair beautifully with elbow-length or shorter veils.
  • Embrace Simplicity: Choose veils with minimal embellishments, delicate trims, or subtle lace details to complement the simplicity of your gown.
  • Match the Vibe: Ensure that the hairstyle complements the overall vibe of your wedding. Classic veils may suit traditional up-dos, while more modern veils can embrace contemporary styles.
  • Trial and Error: Don't hesitate to try on different veil lengths and styles with your gown to see what complements your overall bridal vision. Before the big day, do a trial run with your chosen veil and hairstyle to ensure they work seamlessly together. This will also give you the opportunity to make any adjustments needed.

    Your wedding day is a celebration of your unique style and love story. A bridal veil for your minimalist wedding gown is an opportunity to add a touch of elegance and romance to your overall look. Of course, choosing the hairstyle to go along with your wedding veil is such a fun part of the whole journey. Here at Bone and Grey, we have a slew of veil options for you to style with, ranging from shoulder-length to cathedral-length. Plus, we always aim make it affordable for you without compromising on style and quality. 

    Whether you opt for a short and sweet birdcage veil or a flowing chapel-length veil, the key is to find a balance that enhances your gown and YOU. When you're walking down the aisle, knowing that every detail contributed to a seamlessly chic and timeless bridal ensemble, we hope that you'll feel confident, beautiful, and ready to say "I do" in style. 


    The Bone and Grey team 🤍

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