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How to measure yourself for a wedding gown

We understand that finding the perfect wedding gown is an essential part of preparing for your big day. Whether you're purchasing a gown online or working with a designer, accurate measurements are crucial for ensuring a flawless fit. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of measuring your body at home for not only our minimal wedding gowns but all bridal gowns that you may purchase to try online.

We know there's always so much uncertainty when purchasing wedding gowns online so we hope the below will help you become more confident in finding the right size. Nonetheless, you can always reach out to us via Instagram DM or email to get our opinion and to understand which size would be the perfect fit for you. We've also got some helpful tips along the way and at the bottom to make it easier for you, let's get started!

What you'll need:

  1. A Measuring Tape: Before you begin measuring, make sure you have a flexible measuring tape that has centimeters (cm). Usually measuring tapes have centimeters and inches on either sides, please make sure you're measuring with the centimeter side. Measuring in cm will allow for easy adjustments and accurate measurements. It's also helpful to have a mirror or someone to assist you if you have!

    How to measure yourself for a wedding gown | Bone and Grey Bridal
  2. Your big-day undergarments: If the gown you're eyeing has a padded chest, you will not need to wear a bra for the bust measurement. However, if the gown is not padded, please wear the bra that you are intending to wear on the day of, for a more accurate measurement! For the most accurate measurements, don't measure over clothing and only wear undergarments for the entirety of the session.

    How to measure yourself for a wedding gown | Bone and Grey Bridal
  3. Your wedding shoes: It's good to have an idea of how tall you will be when you put on your wedding heels, and where you'd like the gown to fall. Some brides prefer to have the toes of the shoes showing a bit so it's easier to walk, while others prefer the gown to cover it all. All of our gowns are made to accommodate 165-175cm in total height, that means the heel height is included. If you are taller than 175cm, please email us here for a made-to-order piece that is more fitting for your height - we'd be happy to help!

    How to measure yourself for a wedding gown | Bone and Grey Bridal
  4. A professional seamstress (optional): While our concept is to make the whole bridal journey more convenient for you at home, we do recommend getting a professional to measure your body if one is available. If not, feel free to measure yourself and reach out to us via Instagram DM or email for a size recommendation with your measurements! 

    How to measure yourself for a wedding gown | Bone and Grey Bridal

Let's get measuring:

  • Measuring the Bust: 
    • Stand straight with your arms relaxed at your sides.
    • Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust (tip of your nipple), ensuring the back of the tape remains parallel to the ground.
    • Keep the measuring tape snug but not too tight. You should be able to fit 2 fingers underneath it. Pro tip: The fingers help to provide more room for a bra or room for alterations.
    • Breathe as per normal and do not hold your breath in.
    • Take note of the measurement in centimeters.

      How to measure yourself for a wedding gown | Bone and Grey Bridal
  • Measuring the Waist: 
    • Locate your natural waistline, which is typically the narrowest part of your torso. Pro tip: A fun way of finding your waist is to bend at one side (like a teapot) and the apex of your bend is where your natural waistline is.
    • Once you've found your waist, wrap the measuring tape around your waistline, making sure the front and back of the tape is levelled and parallel to the ground, you should be able to hold 1 finger between the tape and your body. Pro tip: The tape should be held in the way you would like the dress to fit so the finger helps to give a bit of breathing space.
    • Breath as per normal and do not suck your belly in.
    • Record the measurement in centimeters.

      How to measure yourself for a wedding gown | Bone and Grey Bridal
  • Measuring the Hips:
    • Stand with your feet together
    • Place the measuring tape around the fullest part of your hips and buttocks.
    • Ensure the tape is parallel to the ground and not too loose or tight. You can add more space by having 2 fingers between the tape and your body in case the hips are too tight for movement.
    • Take note of the measurement in centimeters.

      How to measure yourself for a wedding gown | Bone and Grey Bridal
  • Recording and Sharing the Measurements: Once you have obtained the measurements for your bust, waist, and hips, write them down and keep them easily accessible. When purchasing wedding gowns online, in general, make sure to check the size chart provided and select the size that corresponds to your largest measurement. If you're working with a designer, provide them with the recorded measurements to ensure a customized fit.

  • Selecting the right sized gown: Once you have your bust, waist, and hip measurements, please compare with our Sizing Guide. As mentioned above, select the largest size that corresponds to your measurements. For example, if your measurements are:
    • Your bust fits a size M
    • Your waist fits a size S
    • Your hips fits a size L
    • We would recommend you to purchase a size L and get the dress altered at the bust and waist. (We wouldn't want you to have a hard time fitting into the gown) Wedding dresses are sized differently than regular dresses, so it's pretty common to go up one or more sizes than your normal dress size. If you, we recommend ordering the larger size. We've helped plenty of brides find their perfect size with our gowns, just reach out to us via Instagram DM or email to get started!


Our sizes vs. Standard Sizes

Below we'll do an estimated comparison between our sizes and standard US/ UK/ AU sizes. Currently, our sizes run slightly smaller however we're working on larger sizes as well. The larger sizes of our gowns are currently on a made-to-order basis to ensure that we only make what we need and to avoid inventory wastage.

For certain gowns we offer the option to make it in a longer length, in case you are above 175cm / 5'8. There is no additional charge for this, just a longer wait time. We also do custom sizing for certain gowns at an additional fee, however the gown would be final sale.

Feel free to reach out to us for special requests and for made-to-order sizes outside of our current size range, we can definitely make it happen!

 B&G Sizes US UK AU
XS 0 2 6
S 2 4 8
M 4 6 A larger 8
L 6 8 10
XL 8 10 12
XXL 10 12 14

Note: The table above is an estimation only and may differ based on how the standard sizes were measured.

Why the sizes could differ above is that we measure our gowns in centimeters (cm) which is a more accurate measurement versus inches, allowing for more variations within one size.

You can see our complete Bone and Grey sizing guide here. Some gowns may be outside of the sizing guide but the exact details will be mentioned on the product page.

Our Tips:

  1. Make sure to measure everything 2-3 times and record all of it down in cm. Sometimes the measurements could differ based on bodily changes throughout the month, the back of your tape may not be parallel to the front, etc.
  2. For all of the measurements, it's better to round up to the nearest whole decimal in case for body changes, and to anticipate some room in the gown for alterations (if required).
  3. If the gown is trumpet or column (more fitted), make sure to take into account all of the 3 measurements. If the gown is A-line or ball-gown, the most important measurements are your bust and waist.

Having accurate measurements is SO crucial when it comes to finding the erfect fit for your wedding dress, especially if you're looking to make a purchase online! By following the steps above, we hope you can measure your bust, waist, and hips with ease and select the correct gown with confidence. Whether you're purchasing a gown online from us, in general, or from a designer, these measurements will be invaluable in helping you find a wedding gown that fits like a dream. Happy measuring and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

If you enjoyed this blog post or have questions, feel free to also comment below and follow us on Instagram here.

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